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Welcome to Bellisima Brow Bar

Welcome to Bellisima Brow Bar! Southampton’s first dedicated brow bar & brow training academy. Here at Bellisima brow bar we offer you the hottest most popular brow treatments on the market. Specialising in EVERYTHING Brows! We take pride in being the best we can be and giving you the best results! 


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Brow Bar Menu  

Brow Lamination £45 – treatment time 1hr 15 mins 
Brow Henna £35 – treatment time 1hr 15 mins 

HD Brows £25 - treatment time 30 mins 
SPMU Ombre Brows £250 – treatment time 3hrs
BB Brows £20 – treatment time 30 mins 
Brow reshape  £9- treatment time 15 mins

Brow wax/thread £7 treatment time 10 mins

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Brow lamination

Brow lamination involves relaxing the brow hairs so they can be brushed into any position you want then fixed into that position. Brow lamination will take those unruly brows that grow upwards, downwards and outwards giving you a groomed and tidy look.

As brow lamination stretches the brow hairs it will also give you a thicker fuller and fluffier brow shape, which you can manage daily using a brow brush (spoolie) brushing them up giving you a ‘fluffy brow’ or towards the side giving you a sleek & clean looking brow.


Brow lamination will last you 2 months with only the odd tidy up in between appointments to keep them looking perfect. This treatment is perfect for maximum brows with minimum effort. Shaping and tinting is included in the brow lamination treatment (tinting can be removed if not wanted)


*AVOID moisturising and fake tan  the brow area for 48 hrs prior to treatment. This treatment is NOT SUITABLE for pregnant women

Brow Lamination

Good Brows aren't cheap and cheap brows aren't good

Image by Joanna Nix-Walkup

Brow Henna

Brow henna is a longer lasting more natural alternative to tint, we will colour match the henna to your skin tone and hair colour. Our henna treatment consists of waxing, threading, trimming  and plucking the brow hairs to achieve the desired shape. 

Brow henna will enhance and define your brows giving them the ultimate WOW factor. A good amount of hair growth is required for this treatment. This treatment is NOT suitable for very sparse eyebrows or clients with very oily skin types. 

Brow henna will stain the skin beneath the hairs for 7-10 days giving them a deeper look, brow henna will last up to 4 weeks on the brow hairs.

*IMPORTANT*This treatment is NOT suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding ladies. You MUST AVOID moisturising or fake tan on the brow area for at least 48 hrs prior to treatment. Treatment cannot be done if on any form of blood thinning medication or roaccutane. Anyone with allergy to black henna or any products containing PPD, or  are on any medication containing the following ingredients:



Steroids Benzocaine Procaine Sulfonamides Sulfones Sullfa drugs and para-aminosalicylic acids are NOT SUITABLE FOR THE TREATMENT 

Brow Henna

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SPMU Ombre Brows

Our semi permanent ombre brows are a long lasting brow treatment. Using a digital tattoo machine and pigments  we will design and create the perfect ombre brow. 

We will firstly measure and draw your brows until  the desired shape has been established. We then  tattoo straight over our pre drawing so you know exactly what shape you will end up with at the end of the treatment.  Ombre brows will give you a soft front and a defined tail which is the most popular brow style right now. SPMU brows require a top up every 6 months-1 year depending on skin type. 
‘Wake up with makeup’ everyday. 

"BB Brows"

BB Brows are our signature brow design at Bellisima Brow Bar. We use brow dye to colour and define the brows and then shape the brows to perfection using thread and wax, we then finish the brows using makeup. BB Brows are perfect if you are looking to enhance your natural brows. 

Ombre Brows

About us

At Bellisima Brow Bar we want to make sure that you have the best experience when coming to our brow bar. After working in the beauty industry for nearly 8 years And finding my passion in brows Iv always wanted to open a dedicated brow bar offering the most popular brow treatments to my clients!

I also wanted to create a really fun and luxurious environment for everyone to come and feel well and truly pampered and Boujee while getting their brow treatments done!


I LOVE everything to do with eyebrows and beauty and I LOVE making my clients feel amazing so I pride myself in giving you the best possible service and of course the best BROWS! I hope when you come to Bellisima Brow Bar you leave feeling your best.

Roberta x


Contact us

87 East street Southampton, SO14 3HP 

Tel: 02382 513637 



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